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Watch a video showing what PBIS looks like in K-12 schools:

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).


PBIS Works for Us!

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) has made an impact at Madison Simis Elementary by helping us create specific school wide expectations and an acknowledgement system which helps promote positive student behavior. Expectations are taught, modeled, and practiced by teachers and students. Students who exhibit our expectations are then acknowledged by staff members. Students are excited to earn “loops” for showing our school-wide expectations and they enjoy having teachers catch them being respectful, responsible, and safe.

2014 PBIS Bronze Award

We have been utilizing pieces of the PBIS system for several years but it wasn’t until we began keeping track of our data using SWIS, 2 years ago, that we were able to really see a change. Sharing data with our staff (and now our students) has increased fidelity to our system and has given everyone a feeling of ownership in the process.

The last 2 years we noticed some trends in the data (spikes in November) however the overall number of Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs) has decreased.

In addition to ODRs, our staff uses Minor Incident Reports (MIRs) for teacher managed behavior which helps reduce problem behaviors before they have a chance to escalate.

PBIS has helped make Simis a place for extraordinary learning for all!

Simis Cyclone Expectations

ExpectationMatris-Simis2013Download your copy - Expectation Matrix – Simis 2013

What are the Outcomes of PBIS?

  • Decreased classroom disruptions and office discipline referrals
  • Increased academic achievement and performance
  • Improved school climate and safety

How do we (staff, parents, & students) feel about Simis?

 What students are saying:

“I like that we have rules because if we didn’t it wouldn’t be safe”

“Students work hard to follow the school-wide expectations”

“Students get loops for being respectful, responsible, and safe”

Students are told when they are doing good”

“One this I like about Simis is that there are so many behavior signs to remind kids about good behavior”

“Kids are not being left out because school rules apply”

We are safe because we say stop, then walk away, and then tell a teacher”

“ I like the loop celebrations”

What parents are saying:

“We think the PBIS system is very effective at Simis”

“ I really like the positive reinforcement of the loops and catching students doing something good”

[Simis has] “defined rules and consequences”.

“Consistent rules school-wide”

“They do a good job of rewarding positive behaviors”

What staff are saying:

“We have a solid PBIS system in place”

“Our climate focuses on positive reinforcement”

“Expectations are taught and practiced”

“Uniformity of expectations has helped a lot”

“Students are rewarded for doing the right thing”


Our Videos!

Walkways from PBIS at Simis on Vimeo.

Bathrooms from PBIS at Simis on Vimeo.

Bus from PBIS at Simis on Vimeo.



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