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Queen Creek Middle School

Queen Creek, Arizona


Be Kind
Be Respectful
Show Integrity

Watch a video showing what PBIS looks like in K-12 schools:

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PBIS Vision Statement

Expectation Matrix

Reinforcement Matrix

Behavior Flowchart

Lesson Plans – Classroom

Lesson Plans – Hallways

Lesson Plans – Bathroom

Lesson Plans – Playground

What is Positive Behavior Intervention and Support?

The Queen Creek Unified School District is in the process of implementing a multi tiered approach to behavior and discipline known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is a framework that supports the behavioral, social, and emotional needs of all students at QCMS. This approach uses systems, data, and practices to decrease office discipline referrals, suspensions, and expulsions, decrease classroom disruptions, increased academic achievement, and improved school culture and safety.

A group of dedicated staff has been chosen to serve on the PBIS team. This team will take part in district wide trainings throughout the year, then taking back a new action plan to their campus to implement after each meeting. Part of the first action plan included setting universal expectations that would be implemented district wide. These expectations will be the foundation of the PBIS system. The PBIS team asked all students, parents, and staff to vote on a set of expectations they believed represented QCMS and QCUSD. The winning set was Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Show Integrity.


What are the Outcomes of PBIS?

  • Increased academic achievement and student performance
  • Decreased classroom disruptions and office discipline referrals
  • Improved school climate and safety

Why is PBIS Needed Here?

Office Referral Data
Our student discipline data shows that quite a few students are being sent to the office for disruption and disrespect. When that happens, they are not learning and it interferes with the learning of others. We need to help all our student to be successful academically and behaviorally.

When students struggle with reading – we teach. When students struggle with math or music – we teach. When students struggle with behavior – we need to teach them how to succeed.

Climate Surveys Data
We will be surveying staff, students and parents to ask about school climate, fairness and equity. Look here for the results.

Anecdotal Data
Our students know best:

It’s helping a lot of kids to be kind. More students are showing respect by opening doors and things like that. – Savannah

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